5 Australian sustainable brands that don't compromise on style!

Pictured: Concrete Woodwick collection by Prince of Candles that can be repurposed and reused after burning.

Our home is where we tend to spend most of our time (especially now), so it feels good to fill it with good vibes and decor we adore. We all put in so much time into deciding which colour to paint our bedroom or where to place your favourite wall art. Every coffee table, candle and throw is a reflection of who you are, so imagine if all your decor items also reflected your core values.

We are in a world where conscious consumers are voicing their desire to invest in products that have positive impacts on our home, climate and environment. When it comes to ethical shopping, you can find incredible eco-minded and sustainable home decor brands that offer gorgeous artisan-made eco-friendly home products without having to sacrifice your style.

To help you with your eco-friendly, sustainable journey we have put together some of our favourite socially conscious and sustainable home brands that will ensure you're looking after the planet but doing it in style!


  1. Koala



 By now you have probably heard reviews about Koala mattresses, but you may not know that this feel-good Aussie homewares brand is not only conscious of the environment, but they also create furniture that has a minimal footprint on the earth. The company deliberately only designs a few pieces of furniture to encourage to own and buy less. They are a B-corp company which means that you can rest easy knowing that they use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

Also, when purchasing a Koala mattress or sofa some of the proceeds go towards adopting a Koala or Turtle through their partnership with WWF, I mean, who wouldn't like that right?!

It doesn't stop there, Koala also donates 1% of annual sales to environmental charities. That just goes to show how committed they are to make an impact on the environment and wildlife.


  1. Koskela


The brand was the first furniture and homewares store in Australia to be a Certified B Corp, which means it has some serious street cred in the eco-friendly world. Everything is made in Australia, from the timber tables and chairs to the lampshades weaved by Indigenous artisans.

They strive to create designs to suit open plan living which is durable and contemporary. Their mission is to provide Australians with an intelligent contemporary design with amazing quality craftsmanship. They are driven to support the community as members of Supply Nation they procure from indigenous businesses and reduce their carbon footprint to locally manufacture all their products.


  1. Papaya


This store offers gorgeous homewares, kitchenware and accessories by using raw materials to create contemporary designs.

For beautiful neutrals and earthy, textural pieces, go straight to Papaya. Made in places around the world such as Europe to places like Morocco, every item in this store tells a story.

All of Papaya's homewares are simple yet elegant made by experienced craftsman. So, if you're after earthy, natural tones for your home this one is certainly one to check out!


  1. Bandhini Homeware Design


Bandhini has to be one of my personal favourites, cause if you're looking for anything between furniture and artwork, Bandhini has gorgeous pieces that would look great in any room whether it's their vibrant throw cushions or their handmade throws you will enjoy them for years to come.

The brands home textiles and handmade throws are made to last.

Bandhini's range of throw cushions come in a range of colours and styles have durable coverings, now its what’s on the inside that counts they are all stuffed with GECA-certified material which is made from recycled drink bottles making these beautiful cushions 100% recyclable. They are also committed to only using natural fibres, eco-friendly dyes and uses handmade techniques that just proves that having sustainable homewares doesn't mean you need to compromise style.


  1. Elkie & Ark


Last but not least, we have Elkie & Ark who are a family run business which creates small batches of luxury bedding, nursery and homewares. This brand has made a conscious effort to only uses organic natural fibres in their products by using recycled and upcycled fabrics.

The company’s commitment to reducing waste, saving water and eliminating the use of toxic chemicals means that their range is made without toxic bleaches which makes it not only better for the environment but also your family.

Dedicated to using sustainably sourced materials they only use fairtrade certified farms for their cotton and also support rural and at-risk communities around the world and are changing the way supply chains work to be more sustainable.

So, if you are looking for an indulgent yet socially conscious organisation then look no further.