Creating a tranquil living space by optimising feng shui

Candles are a powerful feng shui cure if you know how to use them correctly.

In the absence of a fireplace, candles can be used to bring the strongest feng shui element of fire into your space. As this is such a powerful element, it is important to get the placement just right in your home to allow optimal feng shui energy, otherwise known as Chi.

Candles can invoke the energy of purification and inspiration to help relieve daily stress. They can also bring creative and vibrant energy into your home with their glow that fills a room with a passion for the sacredness of life.

Now you're probably thinking, what is the ideal placement for my candles to create feng shui?

The answer is that there is no place in your home that should not be without candles. However, the ideal room in the house is the bedroom. Modern bedrooms are missing the elements of sacred passion and good quality burning candles. Candles can not only purify the room but warm the space it's in. In addition to the bedroom, candles are ideally placed in the bathroom and living room.

When creating feng shui, it is essential to remember that candles can be welcomed in certain areas but should also be used with caution in others. That is why identifying where you can use them freely and where you should be using them sparingly is vital, that is where defining your Bagua comes in.

Defining the Bagua of your home can allow you to find the best use of feng shui cures. The Bagua is not difficult to define; rather, it is your roadmap to creating good feng shui in your living space.

What are the best areas to place candles?

Candles are best used in the feng shui areas of south, southwest, northeast and the centre of your home. When using candles, it is essential to consider the colour of the candle and its candle holder.  Due to the strength of the fire element with feng shui candles are best placed in the Bagua areas that thrive on the fiery energy.

This will keep the Chi in your home harmonious and healthy.

Quality Matters

Even when it comes to feng shui, quality matters when choosing your candles. Certain candles can provide health benefits and can also improve the quality of air within your home. Therefore, it is best to avoid candles with paraffin as their soot contains many toxins that are produced when burning diesel fuel. Therefore, it is worth investing in natural candles that are made from either beeswax, coconut or soy.

Burning a high-quality candle for 15mins in your bedroom before going to bed can remove any negative energy from the day and contribute to a better nights sleep.

Now go forth and start creating a more tranquil space with the use of feng shui.

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