How To Find Your Signature Candle Scent: Unlock Your True Candle Fragrance Style

If you were a candle, what scent would you be? Deciding on a fragrance made for you and your home requires a little search party and lost coins for trial and error. Skip the inconveniences, and uncover your signature candle scent to complement your character and home. 

Ever wondered why you have a ‘type’ when it comes to dating, always choose the same ice cream flavour, or why most of your clothes are bought in a certain color? As humans, we're mysteriously drawn to particular people, flavours, colours and scents for a good reason. 

Why do you like what you like? Well, it comes down to your genes, germs, environment, brain as well as your partner and politics. Your tastes hold power over your identity, influenced by hidden biological forces you have little to no control over. Your genetic makeup is to blame for your peculiar behaviours and preferences, as well as the environment influencing your genes and other genes forced into your system by all the microbes that dwell inside you.

While our genes continue to govern what we like, so do our body odours when it comes to fragrance preferences. Research from the Charles University of Prague claims we prefer certain scents that smell like us. The study found humans cultivate a strong individual interaction between fragrance and body odour. Individuals choose aromas to complement their odour. And we all have a unique smell influenced by our immune system. 

Our smell preferences are also closely linked to memory. Research by the Sense of Smell Institute reveals our brains recall particular aromas with up to 65% accuracy, a year after first impressions. If we associate a positive experience with a smell, the scent becomes categorized as a timeless favourite. The olfactory nerve is linked to the area of the brain monitoring memories, emotions and scents, influencing our mood, concentration, memory and emotion. So how do we get closer to finding our scented candle match made in heaven?

When it comes to picking the right candle, deciding on your favourite fragrance can be overwhelming due to the plethora of choice, compounded by the myriad of different aromas combined, which throws us into a smell storm. This can cause anxiety, which can spark customers to panic buy, making the wrong purchase. So to reduce the risk of consumerism disappointment, take note of our thoroughly crafted five-point plan for unearthing your signature candle scent:

Smell Yourself! Or Ask A Friend To Describe Your Smell 

Scribble down any words, foods or flavours that come to mind when it comes to describing  your scent. Is it neutral, musky, or pungent? The strength of your body odour may offer clues to whether you gravitate toward bold or subtle scents.  

What Perfumes Do You Wear And Love? 

Compile a list of fragrances you currently wear or have enjoyed flaunting around in the past. Further your knowledge by learning about the ingredients and notes of your perfumes that you deem to invigorate your senses. See if you spot a pattern among the contents. You may uncover your perfumes follow an aromatic pattern. You might find out there are more floral aromas, compared to sweet, inside your beautifully smelling bottles, or that oriental smells are a dominant feature among your home fragrance range. You’re one step closer to locking in your one and only true scent. 

Discover Your Why

Think about why you’re shopping for a new candle. Determining the reason behind your need for a specific scent that will complement your space will help you during the candle hunt. Do you fancy a subtle background scent, or desire a statement feature? Is relaxation your priority, or do you want to feel invigorated, romantic or fresh? It’s wise to take into account the amount of space available in your room or home too. Small areas are easily overpowered by heavy scents- so it’s best to rely on light, fresh aromas that make a room airier. 

Are You Timid Or Bold? 

Are you a bit of a wallflower who pursues a quieter existence and enjoys the variety of subtlety? Or do you tend to take on a headstrong approach to life and relish in being flamboyant? You could be a bit of both which is totally normal. Do you gravitate toward creamy, simplistic vanilla scents, or do floral notes win you over? Timid personalities might drift toward floral, sweet, citrus or fresh aromas. Think sweet pea, rose, jasmine, almond and honey, vanilla, grapefruit, orange, sea air and clean sheets. Have you thought about earth scents like cedarwood, or does the smell of tobacco tantalise you? Bold might behold woody, fruity, or spicy fragrances. Smell: patchouli, cedar, figs, peaches, cinnamon and ginger. 

What Do You Want To Feel? 

Think back to any aromas that evoked a strong feeling or state of mind that felt special or unique to you. See if you can identify the feeling. Is it nostalgia, excitement, comfort, confidence, or romance? Which frame of mind do you often find yourself in? Do you want to feel something different? All of these questions lead you closer to making a more informed choice when it comes to picking out your next candle fragrance.

Hey! We’re not done yet with knowing all about you! Take a squiz below to see if you can find yourself in a few of our favourite scents: 

The Goddess Of Femininity 

Is This You? Dreaming of a scent to complement your feminine energy? Or simply need a fragrance to help you unleash your inner goddess? Maybe you follow your dreams with absolute conviction, or love people when they don’t deserve it. Or you may feel like it’s time to let the free-spirited side of yourself you’ve been holding back for so long loose! If you require a much-needed goddess boost to rouse your spirits, you’re in luck. 

Candle Personality Champagne and Strawberries. This scent is a seductive blend of effervescent champagne, with a scrumptious combination of ripe strawberries, roses and raspberries. Is there any aromatic combination classier and more feminine than sweet champagne and ripe, juicy strawberries? A tangy-tart flavour of raspberry heightens the tension of this scent while softening its edges with an infusion of rosey aromas. This candle will breathe a sensual, yet addictive fragrance throughout your home. 

The Bohemian Traveller 

Is This You? Are you tempted by the thought of adventuring to far-flung places? Chances are you’re favourable of tidy, clutter-free spaces and foster a deep appreciation for travel and new experiences. Your passport is up to date, and you’re usually scrolling through the latest travel inspo on your Instagram feed. A little bit of a lone wolf, you go where the wind blows, easing into new situations and adapting quickly, sparking interesting friendships along the way.

Candle Personality Coconut and Lime. Do you want to inhale a scent that takes you into vacation mode or somewhere anywhere but here? A creamy coconut aroma will transport you to open beaches, where the cool breeze sways your carefree tresses. This fragrance is an olfactory smack in the face of citrus, sweetness and tropical flavour, combined to create a refreshing atmosphere in your airy apartment, harmonising with your free-spirited and minimalistic vibe. Citrus scents like lime are energetic and motivating. The hint of tropical against an elusive backdrop of smooth coconut and intense lime makes this candle a winner.

The Peacemaker 

Is This You? Chances are you’re eager to relax after a weary, long-winded working day. You also refuse to be disheartened by daily obstacles and find ways to battle the negative energy from within. You don’t fancy confrontation and prefer to tread through life without rousing too much disturbance. Lovingly made with good vibes, pure intentions and a pacifying nature, you like to be left to your own devices for dreaming, always turning up in peace. 

Candle Personality Luscious Lavender. Lighting up this soothing scent may be the answer to the calm feeling you’ve been longing for. Tranquil and gentle as a whisperer, this candle is a must-have for anyone who needs a little TLC. The classic lavender aroma creates a feeling of peace within your home, enabling you to let go of your stresses and create a comforting space to retreat when life starts getting stormy. Giving off a naturally nebulous aura of relaxation, a multitude of studies confirm lavender lowers stress. If you feel as though life is sinking, breathe in the healing lavender aroma that arrives at your senses like a cloud.

It’s human nature to evolve. Our preferences are transformative, so our signature scent will change over time too. Whether you’re a lavender purist, or love to burn oriental, exotic scents, your candle says a lot about who you are right now. And while fragrances make us dream, don’t forget aromas and memories go hand in hand. After all, “the best candle is understanding.”