What doesn't go into our eco-friendly and sustainably sourced candles here at Prince of Candles.

Sometimes is what's not included that makes a difference!

When you burn a candle from Prince of Candles, you can rest easy knowing that every single ingredient chosen has been carefully selected to ensure that there is minimal impact to your home and family.

What we don't include:

Palm oil..

We say no to deforestation.

Paraffin Wax..

We refuse to use products derived from petroleum.

No added colours..

Which means there are no extra or unnecessary things in the wax that gets burnt in your home.

Animal Cruelty..

There is not a single animal harmed in the making of our candles. This means our candles are vegan-friendly.

So now that you know what doesn't go into our candles, what does?

Ethically and sustainably sourced soy wax..

It is important to us in supporting best practices with the production and sourcing of soya beans.

Vegan-friendly cosmetic grade fragrances..

We only use premium quality fragrance oils in our candles which are made by master perfumers in Australia.

Cotton or Wood wicks..

Our cotton wicks are free of lead whilst our eco-friendly wood wicks provide a longer and cleaner burn.

Premium quality glassware..

For a safe burn and perfect for reuse.

For each candle purchased 10% of proceeds will be donated to a charity..

We want to help Charities who are fighting for great causes. 

We want to help Foundations who work hard at helping others. 

We want to help causes who try to find cures for illnesses or diseases, and we want you to be part of it!