Our Fragrances

We have a range of different fragrances which have been hand picked to ensure we deliver you quality fragrances each time! Please find below a list of our current fragrances, if what you are looking for is not on our list feel free to contact us and we can source it for you.

Champagne and Strawberries

A distinctive combination of ripe strawberries and raspberries with notes of champagne and roses.

Black Raspberry and Vanilla

A combination of raspberry with creamy vanilla and musk. It’s a beautiful warm fragrance that isn’t too sweet.

Coconut and Lime

The sweet scent of coconut mingles with refreshing lime reminiscent of a tropical island getaway.

Lychee and Guava

A mouth-watering blend of lychee, tangy guava, citrus and berries! This is sure to become a favourite!

Thai Lime and Mango

A refreshing scent of lemongrass, lemon zest and kaffir lime with mixed fruits: pineapple, melon, grapefruit and mango. Yum!

Victorian Rose

A classic rose scent – soft and sweet.

Australian Sandalwood

A rich woody blend with a touch of sweetness, a true to life aroma


Classic Lavender fragrance

Vanilla Musk

Delectable creamy vanilla and sweet brown sugar mix together to complete this yummy treat!

French Pear

The true layered pear captures the natural scent of the brandied sweet pears!!


Essential Oil Range


Has hints of Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon

Citrus Burst

Which has a wonderful fragrance of Wild Orange, Lime and Lemon


This refreshing fragrance includes notes of Lavender and Eucalyptus


This zesty fragrance includes top notes of Bergamot and Patchouli


A combination of Frankincense and Myrrh to enlighten the senses!

Spicy Patchouli

Patchouli, Cinnamon and Sweet Orange

Floral Lavender

Lavender, Bergamot, Geranium, Ylang Ylang

Relaxing Woodsy

Sandalwood, Lavender Cedarwood Clove and Ylang Ylang

Softly Sensual

Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Ylang Ylang and Vetiver

Cardamon and Sandalwood


Lavender and Sage


Mandarin and Lavender