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500g Magnesium Bath Soak with coconut milk

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Available in two sizes.

5 benefits of Magnesium

 1. Sports performance and workout recovery

Athletes need adequate magnesium levels to perform at their best. Magnesium studies have shown that exercise redistribute magnesium throughout the body and can nagatively affect phsyical performance.

Magnesium can provide a natural relaxant to sore muscles and joints and can provide pain and ache relief.

2. Migrain relief

Migraine sufferers have lower levels of intracellular magnesium during acute migraine attacks. Low levels of magnesium affect a number of related receptors and neurotransmitters that cause migraine headaches. Studies have also shown that regular magnesium suppliment can reduce the frequency of migraines.

3. Skin care

In studies regarding magnesium use, magnesium has been shown to break apart different fats and oils therefore, can help aid reducing skin oiliness. Magnesium benefits also include its stress relieving abilities which can help to reduce stress related skin irritation such as acne and rosacea.

4. Stress relief and general wellbeing

Magnesium has long been known for its ability to relieve stress as it is typically urine in times of duress. It aids in helping several neurological and physiological processes when the body is under stress, so maintaining sufficient levels will help to balance hormones naturally.

5. Sleep improvement

Magnesium works as a natural muscle relaxant, which is why many people swear by it to help with sleep issues. Magnesium helps you sleep because of its ability mineral to relax GABA receptors in the brain and nervous system, which helps promote a 'slow down' you need in order to sleep.

There are no additives and we use natural Magnesium chloride flakes this is not for oral consumption.